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 on: January 18, 2018, 11:00:37 AM 
Started by Nipples - Last post by stephaniea44
do you find it?

 on: October 09, 2017, 08:39:30 AM 
Started by GameDevChris - Last post by WernerHar
Is this game any good?

 on: August 26, 2017, 06:10:29 PM 
Started by wayninja - Last post by bsnd
So it's been almost a year since a post was made on this board and 7 months since a backer email update. Any news?

 on: January 11, 2017, 06:31:11 AM 
Started by GameDevChris - Last post by GameDevChris
To be honest, I haven't checked recently, but I don't think any further progress has been made.

 on: January 11, 2017, 12:09:04 AM 
Started by GameDevChris - Last post by Merx
Not really. The AGS engine doesn't currently support it. It's being worked on https://www.agilebuddy.com/lean-belly-breakthrough-review-and-results but as to how long it will take before it's a stable feature is anyone's guess.

Any update on this Chris?

 on: January 02, 2017, 03:59:32 AM 
Started by Blake00 - Last post by Blake00
Happy new year guys! :) It's been a while but I've been working on my site and have made the following additions to the QFG related games list.

New QFG related projects added:
Quest For Glory IV 3D – Massive new section! My total conversion mod for ZDoom Hexen taking you on a 3D action packed adventure in Mordavia.
QFG6: Hero’s Legend – Full tribute page created! Creator of QFG2.5D is working on a 3D QFG sequel based in Silmaria & Tarna.
Quest for Glory I Extended Edition – Full tribute page created! QFG1 remake with many new areas (eg open mountain pass like in QFG4.5).

Changes made to existing QFG content:
General – Contents menu added.
General – All back buttons changed to utilise HTML bookmarks. Now users don’t have to re-scroll down the entire page constantly! :)
General – Fixed some missing slashes in code.
Heroism: The Art of DeFence – New HD screenshots and GREATLY enhanced demo now available.
Quest for 3D – New awesome screenshots of his amazing realistic recreation of Spielburg.
Destiny: The Lost Soul – FINALLY the long lost demo has been found & made available by the Hero6 team!
Quest for Infamy (classic) – Finally found the original Brigand theme song I used to use (forgot it was also hero selection track), now the original 2010 tribute page is finally truly restored.

As always, let me know if something is missing. :)

 on: November 27, 2016, 11:47:35 PM 
Started by Nipples - Last post by Nipples
Have been playing the game again on my phone. Everything works so great.

I'm really excited now for the Mage's Initiation mobile app.

Everything is perfect, but I would say, if possible, maybe make text as big as possible and also make the "run" action as fast as possible. These things aren't a big problem for me while playing Al Emmo, but I think those things could possibly make it even better.

Then again, the text size might not be as big as issue for others with larger phone screens; I'm playing on a 4-inch iPhone.

 on: November 26, 2016, 04:20:05 AM 
Started by Blake00 - Last post by Blake00
Oh and the other project I worked on isn't related to QFG or Sierra gaming but if there's any trekkies here they may enjoy it. I've been working on a Star Trek - The Next Generation Doom level where you fight against the Borg and Species 8472 which I'll be releasing in a few days too. Demo video here:

 on: November 26, 2016, 04:18:53 AM 
Started by Blake00 - Last post by Blake00
I figured it was finally time to drop by and publicly announce my Quest for Glory IV 3D project. After years of tributing other peoples awesome QFG fan games at Blake's Sanctum I decided to have a go at making my own QFG fan game.

QFG4 3D is a total conversion single player 19 map mod for the classic game Hexen with the ZDoom enhancement. The mod contains new levels, textures, decoration, weapons, monsters, NPCs, cutscenes, music & sounds taking players on an old-school linear 3D action adventure set in the world and story of the great classic Sierra game Quest for Glory IV - Shadows of Darkness.

Before anyone else says it I'd like to say that QFG4 doesn't need to be in 3D, nor is my project an attempt to convert every single part of the game to 3D (if you want to do everything in QFG4 then go play QFG4 haha). I created QFG4 3D just for fun and to see if I could actually do it lol. Plus it was rather fun to create new areas/views not seen in the original game (eg I show more of the town & give you 360 degree views of each original game location). So if others happen to enjoy this project too then that's a bonus, but if you're not a fan of retro gaming & graphics then this probably isn't going to be of much interest to you.

I used the old Hexen/Doom engine as I lack the graphic & programming talents to use a modern game engine, plus I wanted it to retain the look at feel of the era when QFG4 came out. However the ZDoom/GZDoom extension updates the old engine quite a bit to use true 3D, OpenGL effects & now in 2016 it even supports VR! So if you ever wanted to walk around Mordavia as if you were there then this is your chance (at least until someone else does a much better job haha).

Hope you guys enjoy this first demo below. Be warned that it will likely be a long time before there's another demo, I've spent nearly 2 years on this & another project and have sacrificed a lot. I'm burnt out & want to do other things, including getting back to PLAYING games instead of making them lol!

For more information, more screenshots, animations+descriptions of all weapons & monsters you'll face, and of course the download links for the demo and required files check out my QFG4 3D website here:
Blake's Sanctum – Quest for Glory 4 3D

If you just want to see it without all the hassle then here's a playthrough/walkthrough video series I made..

Part 1 - Character Selection, Dark One Cave, Swamp, South Western Forest & Rusalka Lake.

Part 2 - Rusalka Lake, North Western Forest, Borgov Castle Gate, Town Gate, Exploring Town, Burgomeister Office, General Store & Adventurers Guild.

Part 3 - Adventurers Guild, Thieves Guild, Monastery, Monastery Basement, Exploring Town, Dr Cranium's Lab & Hotel Mordavia.

Part 4 - Hotel Mordavia, Exploring Town at Night, Nikolai's House, Town Gate, Central Forest at Night & Graveyard Wraith Battle.

Part 5 - Graveyard Wraith Battle, South Eastern Forest, Eranas Peace & Storming Borgov Castle.

 on: October 15, 2016, 03:31:39 AM 
Started by Nipples - Last post by Nipples
In addition to regular trailer videos, I hope you guys do a video at launch time featuring the team members talking briefly about their experiences, what inspired them, funny anecdotes, etc. I think those kinds of things help develop the personal connection with the fans. It worked for Sierra! And, it goes without saying, smile, be conversational and seem warm/turn on the charm. To this day, many people feel like they know Al Lowe, due in part to Sierra's excellent marketing.

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