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Al Emmo & the Lost Dutchman's Mine Forum / mobile versions
« on: November 27, 2016, 11:47:35 PM »
Have been playing the game again on my phone. Everything works so great.

I'm really excited now for the Mage's Initiation mobile app.

Everything is perfect, but I would say, if possible, maybe make text as big as possible and also make the "run" action as fast as possible. These things aren't a big problem for me while playing Al Emmo, but I think those things could possibly make it even better.

Then again, the text size might not be as big as issue for others with larger phone screens; I'm playing on a 4-inch iPhone.

Mage's Initiation Forum / Launch videos
« on: October 15, 2016, 03:31:39 AM »
In addition to regular trailer videos, I hope you guys do a video at launch time featuring the team members talking briefly about their experiences, what inspired them, funny anecdotes, etc. I think those kinds of things help develop the personal connection with the fans. It worked for Sierra! And, it goes without saying, smile, be conversational and seem warm/turn on the charm. To this day, many people feel like they know Al Lowe, due in part to Sierra's excellent marketing.

General Forum / Re: iOS versions of your games
« on: June 17, 2015, 02:49:57 AM »
As a fan of your work and as someone who wants you guys to continue to succeed, what I would love to see is one of your games featured in the Apple App Store "featured games" section for many countries. You would experience a huge spike in downloads/sales. Broken Sword 5, some Telltale games, Broken Age, Monkey Island SE, in addition to many lower budget adventure games, have all been featured in the main page, so it seems that at least someone or some people at Apple appreciate adventure games (including those with a nostalgic flair) and are willing to promote them. Who knows what the secret to getting featured is (besides making a great product), but I read that, if it's ever possible and wouldn't be too much trouble, incorporating some feature from the latest iOS version or incorporating iCloud in some way could help your chances. But I know you're limited in what you can do with the iOS port of AGS. Also, if you happen to release the mobile version first for iOS and don't plan to have the Android version ready for a while, maybe it could help to make a point of saying so. Getting on their main "main" featured page would be the best, but now they also have a featured page for adventure games only. For example, this game got featured: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yZzLN0RBIBg While that game is well done and deserves to be featured, I feel like yours have higher production values and could and should be on that page, too. I don't know if communicating with Apple in advance with questions about policies or whatever could help to get you on their radar, but I believe you have an excellent chance of getting featured. You definitely deserve it.

General Forum / iOS versions of your games
« on: May 19, 2015, 02:20:49 AM »
This is probably a long ways off, but just wanted to suggest that you wait until you have a direct URL to your games' pages in the Apple AppStore before officially announcing to all your backers or people on your mailing list that a game is available in the Apple AppStore.

My friend made a game for iOS and it took Apple a long time to approve it and for it to go live, and he didn't have the direct URL to the page where people could actually purchase it until after the game was finally posted. Also, you can't even find his game when you search for the title! The AppStore search feature seems screwy! Hopefully searching by title won't be an issue for your games. It just seems like it would be better to have the link to the game's AppStore page all ready to go and posted on your site and/or in your e-mail announcement so that people could click and go right to it immediately and buy it, just in case it's hard to find by title search.

It would be sad if you made the official announcement about the iOS version and no one could find it, wasting any excitement generated by the announcement message.

No prob, thanks for the response. Rachel already helped me out and I was able to increase my pledge to $100.

I was just looking at the tier descriptions on the Kickstarter page and I was thinking now that I want the $100 tier (I'm at $50 now). Are there still cloth maps and boxes left?

Should I send a PayPal payment for the difference?

Just want to say that I'm almost finished with Al Emmo again (great work on the game, all), and I just realized that the same actor did your KQ3 narration. Whoa. That guy is excellent and so versatile. I definitely prefer the KQ3 style of narration delivery (and I know it's a not a comedy) and would say that sarcasm from the narrator in adventure games, even comedies, probably works best a lot of the time when delivered with a subtle, light touch. There's so much narration in these kinds of games and too much of a strong personality can be a bit much. In smaller amounts it's fine, though. I will say that over time I increasingly liked the delivery of the Al Emmo narration. That actor's talent is undeniable and his work is always so professional.

Mage's Initiation Forum / Re: Are there t-shirts left?
« on: January 17, 2015, 06:56:18 PM »
Ok, thanks. Going to send email now.

Mage's Initiation Forum / Are there t-shirts left?
« on: December 28, 2014, 06:36:39 AM »
I meant to get the shirt during the campaign and am just now getting to it. If I buy the Magus package (see below) would I still get a shirt? Didnt know if you ran out. Also, I assume the purchase is totally separate from the kickstarter site pledge? I'm also wondering where I say what color or size I would want. Thanks for the info


Wow, this is amazing. Very clear!

I hope you are a tester for the game, since you seem very meticulous and have good suggestions.

That is a good suggestion. It does make a difference. But the only issue I see is that it mentions blue and red potions, so maybe those aren't good colors to use if you want to avoid confusion.

General Forum / Adventure/RPG set during Roman Republic or Empire
« on: July 16, 2014, 12:12:16 AM »
I was recently reading about Ancient Rome and what a horrible time it must have been to live in. Anyway, I think the setting could make for a great adventure / RPG game. They did believe in magic and sorcerers and soothsayers then, so that element could also be brought in, in addition to the obvious physical combat. There are RPG's set during that period, but no adventure games that I know of. Many are medieval Europe settings. I was just thinking how, at the end of the game, you could assassinate one of those sociopathic emperors.

Just wanted to throw that out there to all you adventure game designers!

Also, I like the option to press escape when I want to skip an action (like walking or running across the screen) or conversation. Hopefully an option like this will be available in the mobile versions of these games.

Another thing I wanted to say about Al Emmo is that there is so much funny and clever narration and dialogue (I love it!), but I think it comes across better when you read the text, rather than listen to the narrator actor, who overdoes the condescending aspect, though he is talented. So I think it's great you're apparently trying to go with more "neutral" sounding main character voices.

I'm just so happy that there will be iOS versions of your games. Now, with the bigger iPhone 6 models just around the corner, I will be able to play on a decent size screen when I don't have my iPad with me.

That is a shame about the cutscenes, but I'm glad to hear you guys have worked out a good solution. Will this also be an issue for the cutscenes in the iOS version of Mage's?

Keep up the great work!!

Any idea when the iOS version of Al Emmo will be available?


Also, congrats on getting the game Greenlit on Steam!

Mage's Initiation Forum / Easter egg ideas?
« on: May 06, 2014, 02:19:18 AM »
Anyone here have any ideas for Easter eggs?

Gotta have an Al Emmo Easter egg! That gets my vote.

Also, I think it would be cool to run into some of the Himalaya design team. Maybe have a character look like an animated Daniel Stacy. Sort of like how Sierra did with Mark and Scott and Al and Roberta

Hi Rachel (FamousAdventurer77),

I am sure you are very busy with your executive producer duties, but it would be great to see you participate more in other online adventure gaming discussion forums. I often see people like Katie H. of POS (with her POS info linked in her post signature) and Steven/Blackthorne of IQ/IA participating in all kinds of discussions on various forums. Please regularly visit and participate, when you can, in discussions at adventuregamers.com, telltale forums, Pinkerton, Doublefine, POS forums, GOG forums, other Kickstarter project pages, etc. We always see people associated with other teams on such forums, but rarely any people out there (except Brandon B.) associated with Himalaya. Would be nice to see you out there more! Maintaining the personal connection with the fans is always important. I make this request out of the utmost respect.

Thank you!

Off-Topic Forum / Re: List of Adventure Game Kickstarters?
« on: March 28, 2014, 02:56:37 AM »
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is the awkward title of an intriguing, dark point-and-click adventure game currently on Kickstarter. I like the stark, angular art style.

Terrible title. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, and it doesn't mean anything to someone not familiar with whatever the plot is.

But it looks like a cool game! The art reminds me of Out of this World.

Mage's Initiation Forum / Re: Request for More Video Updates
« on: February 04, 2014, 09:08:47 PM »
I just watched some of the Quest for Infamy team videos. The added personal touch is good for marketing. Makes fans feel like we know you and feel more connected. We haven't seen Chris and Daniel on camera in ages, but maybe I missed it. Maybe we will see them on camera again sometime soon?  :blush:  :confused:

Off-Topic Forum / Re: List of Adventure Game Kickstarters?
« on: February 04, 2014, 01:36:30 PM »


That is so cool! I am getting one. It's sad how the internet and the availability of instant hint lookups has taken away some of the challenge and fun in adventure games for some people. But I think that it just takes self-discipline and restraint to keep from looking up stuff. I hope maybe Himalaya considers a hint book like this for their games in the future.

Al Emmo & the Lost Dutchman's Mine Forum / Re: Mobile version of Al Emmo
« on: December 12, 2013, 08:07:42 PM »
Yes, the first thing you said is what I meant. Sounds perfect.

Thank you for the information. Happy holidays and happy new year to everyone at Himalaya!

Al Emmo & the Lost Dutchman's Mine Forum / Mobile version of Al Emmo
« on: December 12, 2013, 01:54:55 AM »
Hi Himalaya!!

Are you going to have labeled hotspots in your mobile versions of the game? I hope so! Labeled hotspots are almost a must for touchscreens.

Thanks for being the amazingly wonderful adventure game designers that you are, btw!

Off-Topic Forum / Re: My Debut Single Release - Uncontrolled Reentry
« on: November 25, 2013, 03:00:50 AM »
Sounds great!

Why did you choose "Uncontrolled Reentry" for the title?

Mage's Initiation Forum / Re: Your games on larger screen iPhones?
« on: October 12, 2013, 05:29:29 AM »
Ok, thanks for the response. I remember reading something about how different size phones isn't really a concern for android app developers the way it would be for iOS app developers. The article talked about how the different iPhone sizes would be a "headache" for iOS app developers. Or maybe I'm confused. Oh, well. I'm sure you'll figure it out and do what's possible. I just thought it would stink if I got the phone and then couldn't play the game, since I'm never home to use the PC much.

Mage's Initiation Forum / Your games on larger screen iPhones?
« on: October 11, 2013, 09:53:12 PM »
I was recently reading rumors about how the next iPhone will likely come with a larger screen, maybe 4.8 inches. My first reaction (besides "I must get one") after hearing this was to wonder if Mage's Initiation will work on a larger screen phone. I really want to play your game on my phone!

Maybe you can't say because the iPhone 6 hasn't been announced and it's all hypothetical, but do you anticipate problems getting your games to run on larger iPhones?

I will also buy the new version of Al Emmo when/if it becomes available for iOS.

Thanks again for all you do and for being a steady rock of consistent professionalism in an indie adventure game scene that can sometimes see more than its share of drama.

General Forum / Re: Phoenix Online Remaking Gabriel Knight 1
« on: October 09, 2013, 08:57:27 PM »
Not a fan of Phoenix Online Studios, but I did very much enjoy the original Gabriel Knight.

It will be interesting to see if the animation looks the same as what we saw in the Moebius trailer from them.

General Forum / Re: How LucasArts Fell Apart
« on: October 04, 2013, 01:47:56 AM »
Someone needs to leak some shots of what they had done for DOTT. Hopefully the voices didn't have to be redone.

General Forum / Himalaya, how do you guys do it?
« on: September 30, 2013, 03:48:27 AM »
How are you guys able to make complex, full-length games with a fraction of the budget of what other developers say is insufficient for them to make an adventure game?

I know you can't speak for others, but I am really curious about how you guys do it. I have seen other developers say even 500k-1M is not enough for a full, new game. Where is all that money going? Is it all about the difference in graphics quality? What is your secret?

Good to see you guys have a plan in place to deal with these issues. It would be terrible to see you people end up behind bars. That wouldn't make for good headlines.

It seems Replay is offering a $30 packing slip regardless of the reward tier:

Or maybe that thread is referring to another issue. Hope everything works out ok for them.

Check out some issues that Replay Games, who has done a good job on their Kickstarter, has had with customs office frustrations and backer disappointment over how some physical rewards arrived:


Maybe Himalaya can learn from their experience and do things in a way that would hopefully avoid some of those problems.

General Forum / The Himalaya Studios theme music and animation?
« on: August 31, 2013, 07:17:25 AM »
It would be cool if you guys had a Himalaya music theme/jingle played when the Himalaya logo animation appears at the start of games. Sorta like how the Sierra fanfare or Disney's "When You Wish Upon a Star" plays during those brand logo animations. I feel like such logo themes make people remember your brand more than the way it was (if I'm remembering correctly) done for Al Emmo, which was also a nice and cinematic way of doing the logo and which reminded me of Paramount Pictures.

Also, it would be cool if you did something unique with the Himalaya logo animation for each game. It could be similar each time, but maybe there would be something special done with the animation to coincide with the game's theme. When you dethrone Telltale to become the undisputed adventure game developer titan, there could be so many fun variations of the Himalaya logo by that time.

Off-Topic Forum / Re: Police Quest creator Jim Walls's kickstarter!
« on: August 23, 2013, 06:48:31 AM »
    Himalaya Studios can do with their skill and track record snd we  have ourr own cop on staff we do not need jim or his name to make a good police game right?

I have more faith in Himalaya than I do in any other adventure game dev. They haven't let me down yet, and they've been doing their thing since, what, 2001?

In other teams' Kickstarter pitch videos, potential backers are told how much these other teams loved playing the classics (i.e., "we're one of you, really, just look at all these wall posters behind us"), while Himalaya can say, "We helped bring the classic adventure game genre back from the dead, and kept the torch lit with title after title through years of darkness while others moaned endlessly about the death of adventure gaming. End of story." Big difference. I believe Himalaya kept alive the adventure game community as much as anyone else over the last 12 years.

So, yes, I agree that Himalaya has the skill and experience to make a great police game.

General Forum / Would like to see Christy Marx+Himalaya collaboration
« on: August 22, 2013, 07:07:39 PM »
I really liked Sierra designer Christy Marx's Conquests of the Longbow and Conquests of Camelot.

If she even returns to adventure game designing, it would be great if she teamed up with a developer like Himalaya. Seems like they'd be a great match.

I wonder if Himalaya has ever been in touch with Christy about potential projects. I know I'd support a Marx/Himalaya Kickstarter campaign.

Off-Topic Forum / Re: Police Quest creator Jim Walls's kickstarter!
« on: August 22, 2013, 06:38:12 PM »
I do too. But would it sell enough to make the effort worth it? Having the involvement of a Jim Walls would give it more publicity. What's Daryl F. Gates up to these days?

UPDATE: RIP Daryl F. Gates

Update: I just saw what you said about quickly tap once to walk or twice to run. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That will solve everything beautifully. That was my biggest problem with Larry Reloaded. Makes my arrow idea less important. I am so glad you are doing it this way. I read your response too fast. Thank youuu!!!

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