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« on: April 03, 2006, 06:30:54 AM »
The thing about newsletters is that we can really only release them if there's something worth reporting. Hyping the game too early could be a huge marketing flaw, particularly since we really had no idea when Al Emmo would be finished and released. We wanted to avoid a situation where a release date was set and then missed.

Also,  fans can generally tell the difference when you're rehashing the same old news using new words, and when you have something genuinely exciting to report. We took the 'unannounced' approach when releasing KQ1VGA, and this worked out well.  By not announcing the game until it was ready for release, it came as a nice surprise to fans and it also allowed us to finish the game without causing further delays by having to write up reassurance newsletters and so forth. Remember, it's not just this game that's been occupying our time -- we've also been working on QFG2VGA simultaneously and this leaves very little time for anything other than development of the games. That might seem a silly thing to say, but once you release a newsletter, you've set a precedent and updates will then be expected and there's only so much a small development team is able to focus on at once.

I'm a  firm believer that the newsletter feature is simply an efficient means to communicate news to fans when there's something important to report.  However, it shouldn't be abused. Sending stuff out too often runs the risk of being associated with spam. Sending out scheduled newsletters, means that you have to scrape together information (even if there's nothing of interest or importance to say) and then the newsletter loses its informative value and thus its "grandeur" effect. So it's typically best to reserve newsletters for when we want to get important messages out, and have the info spread further than just the news page on the website. A newsletter should generate excitement because it means something big is approaching. Due to this, we also have to be mindful of releasing newsletters at the most appropriate times.

Since we have a limited amount of money to allocate to marketing, most of our advertising will be via word of mouth,  the demo, and through AGDI.

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« on: March 30, 2006, 12:25:12 PM »
Aside from Fantasy adventure, I have an innate attraction toward science fiction games. Anything set in space or a non-Earth planet,  moon, or starbase gets my money :p.

That would explain your Avatar image. It's from Serenity, right?  :)

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« on: March 21, 2006, 06:20:00 AM »
At this stage it looks like CD only, however, that may totally change in the future. Heck, it may even change by the time we're ready to release the game!  So nothing's concrete yet.

As for the size, we'll be lucky to compress it onto a single CD, but we should manage. Uncompressed, it comes to a little over 1GB.

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« on: March 21, 2006, 05:41:46 AM »
Hey Mike, glad to hear you're looking forward to the game's release!  We've gone to great lengths to make this game very reminiscent of the classic adventure games of yesteryear, and if you enjoyed all the aspects that made Sierra classics fun, then I think you'll be pleased. :)

In regards to your questions:

What is it? Will it be on disc or is it download only? I hope it's disc as my pitiful dial-up can't handle the load.

At present we don't have any plans for a downloadable option, as the game is too large.  It will most likely come on CD at this stage.

When  will it come out? I know it's being beta tested but maybe someone can give a better estimated release date.

Can't be too sure just yet, as there's still quite a few loose ends to tie up. But I'd estimate that some point within the next 2 months is looking promising.

Where can I get it? Will it be in the usual stores or will I have to order it.

Al Emmo won't be available in retail stores. It'll be available for order from the online "store" section of the Himalaya Studios website. It may be an option for us to start taking pre-orders at some point in the near future, so keep checking the site for updates and further details.

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