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Author Topic: Adventure Gaming On Android Tablets  (Read 5910 times)

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Adventure Gaming On Android Tablets
« on: November 29, 2013, 11:59:34 PM »

Hey everyone.  It's been a long time since I've been around ( i used to chat a little in the AGDI Forums).  Had alot of computer issues and between getting married, moving, and working on fixing and adding onto the house I've had little time to work on my computer and have mainly been playing on my Asus Transformer TF101 Android Tablet. 

So to the point:

I knew i could put Dosbox on the device and run classic games but it took me a long time to realize i could make them touchscreen ( since the transformer has a mousepad and keyboard dock) and I just got that figured out.  With using either 2 finger to Right Click or Volume Down to right click to change cursors. Which was cool because between the keyboard, mouse, and touch screen i could play all the QFG series 1 - 4 on the tablet whether it was the typing interface or the point and click.

Then i found an app in the Google Play store for running AGS games on android ( Which really turned out to be a waste of money) and found out there was a port for AGS that all i had to do was copy the contents of the installed game folder from a pc into the AGS folder of the tablet myself.  So i was able to run all the AGDI remakes perfectly on the tablet. ( Just finished QG2 with 550 points as a Mixed Fighter turned Pally with the Blue Frog and defeated Pizza Elemental)

So here's my problem if anyone has any solutions or the same problems and want to help figure it out.

While playing QG1VGA and QG3 the touch screen runs perfectly.  No need to move the mouse just touch where i want to walk or whatever i need and it just goes.  But with QG4 (with the same settings of QG1VGA and QG3) the cursor has to be dragged around with my finger instead of just it jumping to where i touch.  Is it something with my settings or is it just the game.

Another issue I'm trying to work on is getting QG5 to run on the Tablet.... Which has been kind of a chore.  Since the game is a Windows 95/98 game I've been trying to run Windows on Dosbox ( i have both up and running on different installations of dosbox on my pc) but can't get it to start QG5.  It says its not a valid win32 program.  which is odd since i used a fresh install from my original discs (It was also cool to re-find the special txt they included on the disc as a thank you).  I know i will have a problem when it finally loads and needs the play disc inserted but i'll cross that bridge after i get it loaded to the the main screen.   

Just wanted to get other peoples thoughts on my little problem and see if anyone else has gone to the lengths i have to try to get qg5 to work as well as gotten qg4 to work as a true touch screen.

Thanks in advance :)