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Author Topic: [Kickstarter] Dragon Fin Soup- fairy tale inspired RPG  (Read 6473 times)

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[Kickstarter] Dragon Fin Soup- fairy tale inspired RPG
« on: April 02, 2014, 07:54:58 AM »

Dragon Fin Soup is an RPG in development for PC/Mac/Linux as well as Sony consoles set in a dark fairy-tale inspired world.  It has turn-based combat where enemies move simultaneously (plays similar to Chocobo's dungeon). There's going to be two different game modes. Story Mode plays more like a traditional RPG. Survival Mode plays like a classic roguelike with permanent death. The 1st adventure begins with Red Robin, a cheerful yet raging alcoholic young woman with a troubled past who earns a living as a bounty hunter.  The game has already passed their initial funding goal and if certain stretch goals are met there will be expansions with additional playable characters. 

 I figured this might appeal to some Mage's Initiation fans, but since it's not exactly an adventure game I didn't want to post about it in the adv. game KS thread.