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Author Topic: Himalaya Studios Forum Terms of Service  (Read 14951 times)

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Himalaya Studios Forum Terms of Service
« on: September 27, 2004, 06:39:38 PM »

All members are bound to the following conditions:

No Flaming or Trolling:

Insulting, baiting, belittling or posting any other type of comment intended to create conflict on our forums is strictly forbidden and offenders will be banned. Think before clicking that submit button. Disagree with people in a mature, civil and constructive way. If you're being flamed by another member, resist "an eye for an eye" initiatives. Ignore the poster and wait for the administration staff to take action or report the post. Counterflames and threats are subject to the same disciplinary actions as the provoking post was. Baiting people into posting flames is not allowed, even if you weren't using literal flames yourself in the process of inciting the other party.

No Advertising:

No plugging of other online business is allowed. This includes (but is not limited to) message boards, chat sites, commercial business/services and personal websites. You are allowed to post a direct link to a site if it's relevant to a question being asked. Violators will receive a warning and the posts will be deleted. Ignoring a warning will result in a ban. There's no expiry date for these or any other kinds of warnings mentioned in these Terms of Service.

No "invitations" to circumvent forum policies:

Don't make attempts to circumvent the rules by inviting people to contact you to find out more about "that link that just got deleted". Any posts made with said purpose will either be edited or removed.

No Flooding/Spamming or Multi-Posting:

Spamming/Flooding refers to the practice of posting the same kind of information in two or more posts. Even if a thread may be suitable in more than one forum, pick one place and stick with it. Multi-posting is the practice of creating multiple posts in quick succession. If you omitted any content in your previous post, use the edit feature to add it to your original post.

Likewise, please post threads in the forum they belong in. Don't post threads in a particular forum just because you believe they might get more attention that way or because you want particular people to notice it. At first, threads will be moved and shadow topics may be left behind (links that lead to the thread's new location), but in the case of repeatedly posting threads in the wrong forum, they will simply be deleted.

Finally, please don't create threads purely for the purpose of asking, "check out this thread" or "vote in my poll".

No use of profane language:

While we understand that many members are adults who can handle a discussion involving "loose" language, there are also children that visit these forums. Also, many people are simply offended by vulgar language. Reword your statements if necessary. Violation of this rule will result in warnings, suspensions and bans if necessary.

One account per user:

There's a maximum of one user account per person. If you are caught using multiple accounts, one or more will be deleted and you will be banned if the situation justifies it. Please contact the administration if you're having problems with your existing account.

No impersonations:

Impersonating another board member is not allowed. Neither is using someone else's account or trying to gain access to another person's account. Likewise, creating an account confusingly similar to another poster's username with the intention to confuse other members is prohibited. That said, EVERYONE is responsible for all the content that gets posted under his/her account. If you have an annoying brother/sister/friend/nephew who likes to mess with your computer, log out before you turn off your computer and leave the auto-login feature disabled. Claims that your brother/sister/friend/nephew conveniently popped up and violated the rules under your name will NOT get you off the hook.

No circumventing suspension/banning:

The administration of this forum is not obligated to notify you of the suspension/ban of your account. In case of a suspension, you're not allowed to post on the message boards until your suspension has been revoked. In case of a permanent ban; don't re-register under another account in order to regain entry, as it will be deleted.

Don't post Personal Contact Information:

Don't put your telephone number or home address on the board. Such information will be deleted for your own protection.

No racism, sexism, pornography, threats or otherwise offensive content:

Distasteful remarks, including but not limited to intolerant views towards minorities (race, religion, sexual preference etc.) are strictly forbidden. Also disallowed are overly suggestive/graphic pictures or linking to sites containing said material. Likewise, any form of sexual misconduct, like harassment, falls under the same category. If something is in a grey area, the administration will decide whether or not it's deemed offensive and will have the final say.

No linking to/requesting of/offering illegal material:

This mainly includes links to sites hosting copyrighted material without the permission of the legal owner. This includes warez, abandonware, serial numbers or cracks. This rule also covers any links to illegal and/or anarchistic activities.

Respect the decisions of the administration staff:

The public forums are not a suitable place for the creation of threads or posts to criticize or question administrative actions. The administrators and moderators are just there to keep the forums properly ordered and suitable for everyone to read. Sometimes we feel stepping in is in the best interests of Himalaya Studios and its communityís comfort. If you disagree with a moderatorís/administrator's actions, resist the temptation to start a "campaign" on the public forums in an attempt to rally other visitors to your cause. Campaigning will not be tolerated on these forums and such posts will be removed. Instead, contact the administration and politely address your concern, leaving any uninvolved members out of the argument. Insulting the administration staff isn't the most effective approach to getting your way. Nobody will be impressed by people shouting "censorship!!!!" or folks beating us with the first-amendment stick.

Likewise, please don't create threads in order to attack the existing Terms of Service. By registering an account and posting on our forums, you agree with our Terms of Service.

Finally, if a thread is locked or deleted, this action was taken for a valid reason, relating to the Terms of Service. Please don't create a similar thread to continue where the previous thread left off.

Moderators and administrators will sometimes explain the reason for their actions to the public if they think it's necessary, but consider such an occurrence a privilege, not a right. Even if a post was not literally in violation of a forum rule, the forum administration may choose to take action against it anyway at the behest of our interests and those of the community. In such instances, the reasoning behind the action taken is not open for debate.

Keep spoilers to a minimum when offering help for Himalaya Studios products:

If someone asks for help on a puzzle in a Himalaya Studios product, only post a spoiler if one is specifically requested. Even then, please use the spoiler-tags to mask it from other visitors. Give hints, rather than straight clues whenever possible. Don't post blatant links to walkthroughs unless specifically asked. Nothing beats playing through an adventure and depending on your own wits as much as possible.

Signatures, avatars, and user names are considered part of your post:

Thus, if the their content (and any sites that they may point to) violate our Terms of Service, appropriate action will be taken.

Keep the forum readable for everyone:

Don't speak in l33tsp34k or overly jumbled grammar. You may save a minute by writing in glued-together Internet lingo, but everyone else will waste twice as much time attempting to properly decipher it. English is the adopted language of these forums. Since we do not have the available resources to translate multiple foreign languages and are not able to verify the content of such posts, anything posted in a foreign language will be removed.

Keep on topic and EARN that post count:

Don't fill topics with random comments just to up your post count. Please emphasize quality over quantity wherever possible. There is no need to let the entire forum know you have nothing to contribute to a discussion. This isn't a chat room. If two members are online at the same time and they're ping-ponging oneliners back and forth, it's better to take the discussion to an Instant Messaging program. As much fun as you and your buddy may have turning a formerly on-topic thread into your own personal playground, these sorts of practices tend to discourage other posters from participating in the discussion. Please remain on-topic.

Likewise, don't bump dormant threads unless you have something constructive to add. It's very unlikely someone still needs help nine months after posting a question.

Private messages:

Private messages are subject to the same rules as threads on the forum. Abuse is to be reported to the administration at all times.

Users must be at least 13 years of age:
While we don't believe that a young age equates to immature behavior, there are certain legal implications involved with allowing children younger than 13 years old to participate on these forums without the approval of a legal guardian. As such, all posters must be at least 13 years old in order to register an account here.

Have fun:

These rules are in place to guarantee that the Himalaya Studios forums are an enjoyable place to post for all who visit. The main purpose of the forums is to have fun and relax in a friendly environment with like-minded people. So please make yourself at home and have a good stay!

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