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Author Topic: Donations - So You Want To Be a Donor?  (Read 4386 times)

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Donations - So You Want To Be a Donor?
« on: April 07, 2011, 07:26:55 AM »

Hello, everyone! We've set up a PayPal "donate" button for Himalaya Studios, so that anyone who wishes to make a financial contribution (of any amount) to help offset our commercial development costs (as well as potential licensing fees) is able to do so.

A few caveats:

1) We'll be unable to return or refund any donated money to donors, regardless of whether a game project in development is released, canceled, or remains indefinitely unfinished. This is also the case if the company is dissolved or otherwise ceases to exist in the future, for some reason. If you're uncomfortable with this prospect, but still wish to help us financially, please purchase a copy of Al Emmo, Postcards from Anozira, or another games on the Himalaya Studios site instead, so that you'll be getting something tangible for your contribution.

2) Donations are considered an act of good will. They're not treated the same way as a purchase. Please understand that donating money to us won't entitle the donor to receive a copy of any commercial Himalaya Studios game (or anything else tangible).

3) All donation funds will be put towards Himalaya Studios' company maintenance and commercial game development costs. We also promise not to spend the cash on a new yacht.

4) Donors won't be treated like company shareholders. Donating won't allow contributors any leverage over how a particular game is designed or how the company is run.

Having said that, any donations received will be gladly welcomed and put to very good use. They'll allow us better negotiating abilities; will offer us the chance to hire more workers; and ultimately will allow us to finish developing games faster. So, without further ado...

Thank you for any amount of support!