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Author Topic: [MI Demo][Suggestion] After using radial menu, make mouse pointer return  (Read 1696 times)

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After using the radial menu, make the mouse pointer return to the original position

Consider I'm figuring out what to do with certain elements in the game. Firstly, I'm likely to look at it and then decide whether I want to do/try out something else.

The radial menu requires me to move the mouse away from the spot where I clicked the element to choose an action. When I want to try another option, I first have to target that element again.

I suggest that the mouse pointer, after an action has been chosen from the radial menu, jumps back to where I initiated the radial menu from.

Not every user might expect this behavior, so maybe it should be optional


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I think it's a pretty good suggestion, actually, though I personally wouldn't make it optional. If we have the time to implement the suggestion, we will probably stick to the behaviour that makes the most sense to most people, as the rest of people can still use other interfaces (such as the right click menu).